When you’re starting out in the world of hydroponics, it can be hard to know where to begin. At One Stop, we like to make it easy, so we’ve selected all the components you need to get up and running and created our Essentials Kits.

They're available in versions with either one, two or four sets of 600w HPS lights, and they are designed to ensure that you get the best quality gear at the lowest prices possible.

Let's start with the tent

The BudBox Lite is the little brother of the top-spec BudBox Pro. For the cost, the quality of these tents is exceptional; there really is no other tent on the market that competes at this price-range. You’re getting a tough, durable and well-stitched unit with interlocking, heavy-duty poles, which will easily take the weight of your lighting and extraction. The material is completely lightproof, unlike a lot of lower-end tents, and you get high-quality zips to prevent light leaks. There are a lot of additional features that you can find out about by checking out the listings.


The lighting

It’s important to match your lighting to your space; you'll need a 600w light for each 1.2m square area. Our Essentials Kits come with digital ballasts, 600w dual spectrum lamps and the classic Euro Reflector. Going digital gives you the ability to swap between 250w, 400w, 600w and overdrive settings, which increases output by 5-10%. This means that when outside temperatures are too high you can lower your output to keep your environment optimal. Digital ballasts output more light than magnetics and run much cooler.

Hanging equipment is also included, as well as a heavy-duty Maxibright time switch.

The extraction

Environment is everything. Keeping your plants in optimal conditions will ensure that you get the biggest, most flavoursome crop. With this in mind, we made sure that these kits give you everything you need, with the dual-speed Rhino Mixed-Flow fan, Rhino Hobby filter, ducting and clips.

If you want to learn how to set up your extraction, check out our video guides as they'll teach you everything you need to know!

To house your plants, you get 4 x 12 litre Root Nurse fabric pots for each light. Fabric pots are much better than regular pots because they incorporate root pruning; as roots push towards the edge, the outside air kills them off at the ends, sending a signal to the plant to produce more roots. This prevents root circling, and you get a much bigger, stronger, radial root mass.

Essential extras

We stock a range of Add-Ons that will get the best out of your Essentials Kit, including media, nutrients, saucers, clip-on fans, hygrometers, jugs and syringes. Choose between coco and soil versions, with options available for one, two or four lights. It's also worth investing in a separately available pH and EC kit, too.

Happy growing!