Legalisation of Controlled Substances in Uruguay.

  • Published on August 29th, 2013
  • Category: General

August 2013 is the month that saw the South American country of Uruguay take one step closer to the mac daddy of all legal arguments.

The logic behind the decision is fairly straightforward and the intention is to fight a long-standing history of organised crime and cartels propagating the trafficking of controlled substances in the continent.

So what does this mean for Uruguay?

1)    The government will be able to tax activity

This will undoubtedly be good news for public funds. The country can become more prosperous owing to increased tax revenues. Furthermore, the population that traditionally

2)    Those involved in the illegal trade and trafficking will lose a relied upon income

Now the government is removing a market, buyers can now purchase from legitimate sources as opposed to underground, black market suppliers who have as much respect for the legal system as Jack the Ripper.

3)    Those consuming such substances will have access to better information

When an act is illegal, there are often barriers that prevent you obtaining the best information and advice which can lead to misinformed rumours and old wives tales taking the place of sensible and scientifically backed medical knowledge.

Being able to talk openly about your social choices with your Doctor can lead to much better tailored treatment.

Potential for Corruption

In the back of people’s minds may be the potential for public sector corruption to turn the Uruguayan government into a new cartel that simply replaces organised crime groups.

Whilst this idea may be worth exploring, Uruguay is actually ranked 20th worldwide for being a clean and transparent government which outranks many European countries and sits only 2 positions lower than the United Kingdom.


We’ll keep you updated when this legislation hits the Uruguayan senate and follow the law through to implementation.

In a year from now, we’ll take a look back and see how things are actually panning out.