Indica Nutrients

Indica Nutrients have been formulated to make feeding time as simple as possible. Other ranges come with large numbers of bottles that can turn things into a chore, but the team at Indica have combined multiple products into single bottles to save you time and money. They only ever use the cleanest raw ingredients, combining mineral feeds with powerful natural extracts and growth stimulants, so you get the best of both the organic and hydroponic worlds.

Base Nutrients

Indica’s one part feed, The Messiah, can be used in any system or medium. Not only is it the most comprehensive one-part feed on the market (containing every essential nutrient and pH optimisation in a single product), Messiah also dechlorinates your tap water so that you don’t need to let it stand beforehand. With the chlorine gone, the microbial ingredients in the range can then work to their full potential, allowing populations to multiply successfully and colonise the substrate.

The two-part coco nutrient, Temple A&B, AKA Temple Rise and Temple Noon, is used in equal measures right the way through the grow and bloom phase. Temple A&B has been specially formulated to counter the excess sodium and potassium that can cause issues when growing in coco coir.

Bloom Boosters

Indica feed charts recommend using either Afghan Nectar as an all-in-one bloom enhancer or using Himalayan Hardener and Hindu Kush in combination. Afghan Nectar can be run from the beginning of flower up until the final flush. It contains sugars, phosphorus, potassium and triacontanol, causing fruits to swell up in size. The triacontanol found in Indica products is extracted from natural sources using a process that’s much cleaner than that of other nutrient manufacturers - you can discover more about the incredible benefits here.

Start using Himalayan Hardener mid-way through the bloom phase, finishing a week before the final flush. It boosts phosphorus and potassium levels for improved fruiting, piling on weight while enhancing flavours - though you should note that this is definitely not your average PK booster. It contains a very special ingredient called polymerised phosphorus. Phosphorus is a particularly problematic nutrient because it can get bound up in forms that make it unavailable to the plant. Using polymerised phosphorus ensures that your plants get everything they need, whenever they need it.

Hindu Kush is used throughout the bloom phase; it contains an array of organic ingredients that boost growth rates, like seaweed hormones, humic acids, fulvic acids and triacontanol. As we mentioned earlier, Himalayan Hardener and Afghan Nectar work best as a combo - that way you're getting premium minerals combined with natural growth stimulants.

Other Boosters and Additives

Kashmir Roots contains a range of beneficial microbes that push root growth as far as possible (largely by increasing levels of auxins). Kashmir Roots also acts as a chelating agent; chelators bind to nutrients, making them more available to the plant, maximising the efficiency of the other products in the range. This has a big impact on overall plant health, increasing plants' resistance to stress.

Stem Strength is Indica's silicon product. Silicon improves plants' structural integrities, thickening stems and toughening branches so that they can support even the heaviest of fruits. Silicon is one of those additives that you can see working with the naked eye within a few days. It works by strengthening individual cell walls: stronger cells make for all-round tougher plants. Silicon also enhances nutrient uptake and even increases CO2 absorption rates.

Root Burst is known for its ability to get clones rooted in double-quick time. It has higher active ingredient concentrations than the competition, while protecting cuttings from pathogens. This all comes together to increase success rates and speed up turnaround times.