1. Introducing - Plant Success King Crab Microbial Supplement

    Improve Phosphorous and Micronutrient Uptake with Beneficial Microbes

    Phosphorus is a chemical element with many curious properties. It has 2 main forms - white phosphorus and red phosphorus. It is highly reactive and is never found in nature in its elemental state.

  2. How to use Powdered Nutrients

    A Guide to Using Pro Powdered Nutrients

    These days, most plant nutrients are bottled liquids. This makes them heavy and bulky for the amount of nutrients that they contain. Being pre-mixed with water also reduces their shelf life.

  3. Keeping Your Grow Room Temperatures Down Over Summer

    Make Sure your Grow Over Summer is a Success

    It is that time of year again, and outdoor temperatures are starting to rise.

  4. Introducing The OCD Range - Get Rid Of Smells In Style

    The OCD range has landed at One Stop! There's a lot of odour control products on the market, but OCD has stood out from the crowd since its launch in late 2019.

    It's time we jumped on the OCD train, so here's some of the reasons why we're so onboard.

  5. Introducing the New Maxibright 660w Daylight LED Range

    The original Maxibright 660w Daylight LED Grow Light was a total game-changer when it appeared at the end of 2019. It came with a long list of innovative design features and it outperformed units that were twice the price, which explains why it went on to become our best-selling lighting fixture of 2020.

  6. Introducing - Monkey Nutrients (Q&A)

  7. Introducing - Eazy Plug Grow Media

    Introducing - Eazy Plug Grow Media

    So today, we’re going to be introducing you to Eazy Plug grow media.

  8. Introducing – Eazy Plug Grow Media

    So today, we?re going to be introducing you to Eazy Plug grow media. Eazy Plug products are made from a mix of coco and organic bonding agent. They deliver incredible strike rates for cuttings, and rapid root development all-round, which is down to an almost perfect water-to-air ratio. They come in a number of sizes, from […]

  9. Introducing – Monkey Nutrients (Q&A)

    So today, we’re joined by the Monkey Nutrients team. Made by growers for growers, Monkey Nutrients provides you with a complete range of tried and tested products, taking the best elements from other ranges & combining them into a specially formulated and vastly improved formula. Monkey Nutrients started in 2020 after years of developing their […]

  10. Introducing the Telos 10 Pro

    So today, we?re going to be introducing the Telos 10 Pro. The new version?s even more efficient than the original model, which was impressive to begin with. Grow Northern have pulled this off by including some of the latest OSRAM LEDs, which produce an enormous 2.5 micro moles of useable light per watt. Because the […]