1. How to cool down your grow room over the Summer

    During the summer months, heat stress and pest / diseases become a major concern for hydroponic growing in your indoor garden. A lot of growers decide to pack it in for a few months, leaving a gap in the market for your fresh produce if you can keep growing indoors which others experience poor yields due to the heat.

    There's a few key products we'd recommend investing on if you want to grow all year round, alongside a few tips for getting the most out of your equipment.

    Upgrade to a LED grow light

    Choosing the best grow lights for summer heat stress is the first thing we'd do. Old-school HPS technology made it incredibility difficult to grow during the hotter months due to the higher operating temperatures the lamps put out.

    Luckily, we're in a position where LED grow lights are affordable and provide you with lower running temperatures, allowing you to kit your grow room out and keep those temperatures down for less power usage, making the switch to led lights even more viable.

    You can also run your lights at night, and keep them off during the hotter daytime period. This allow lights to be running during the coolest period of the day, rather than in the hot air, keeping your grow room at the ideal temperature.

    Most LED grow lights also offer you the ability to dim your output, giving you maximum temperature control in your grow room and keeping your heat output down. Pick a grow light which will allow you to grow all year round!

    Less heat = less heat stress, it's that simple.

    If you're finding your grow room temperatures are still too high on your plants canopy, you can look to raise the lights up away from them OR dim down

  2. Summer and Pest Problems

    How to Deal with Pests During the Summer

    Unfortunately, pest problems can occur all-year round.

    However, if you begin growing indoors during the winter months, when insects outside are relatively inactive, then you most likely won’t get any problems until the weather warms up.

    However, once pests have got into a grow room, they can survive and remain active all year round because of the warm conditions in there.

    In this blog we will take a look at the 4 most common pests in summer.

    Remember, prevention is always better cure and it is best to stop them from getting into your grow room in the first place.

  3. Thrips - How to deal with them

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  8. Plant Rust & Restoring Health

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