1. An Easy Guide to VPD

    How to Use VPD to Increase your Yields

    Many growers believe that the most important things in growing are the light and the nutrients.

    Light and nutrients are very important, but plants can't use either of them properly unless the environment lets them.

  2. How to Grow Indoors using LEDS

    How to Grow Indoor using LEDS

  3. A Rough Guide to Using CO2

    Once you’ve got everything else in your grow room nailed down, adding extra carbon dioxide (CO2) will push things to the next level. CO2 is essential to the process of photosynthesis, which is the main driver for plant growth. For this reason, supplemental CO2 can really help to pile on weight at harvest time. It’s not uncommon for growers to see gains of up to 20%!

    One of the quickest

  4. How to Choose Your Grow System

    How to Choose Your Grow System

    There are a few different systems that you can grow your plants in. For a beginner, we highly

  5. Which is the best Hydroponics System for Me?

    Choosing a Hydroponics System

    The word "hydroponics" is a word with Greek origins that literally means "working water". It

  6. Growing Indoors - A Basic Guide

    Hydroponics for High Growth Speed and Yields

    Deciding to start indoor growing can be a very exciting prospect. It is true

  7. Introducing - Eazy Plug Grow Media

    Introducing - Eazy Plug Grow Media

    So today, we’re going to be introducing you to Eazy Plug grow media.

  8. How to Increase Your Plant Yield

    How To Increase Your Plant Yield

    Once you have learned to grow and have your environment fully dialed in (you can learn more about perfecting your environment here), you will probably become interested in how to increase your yields. Almost every nutrient manufacturer makes their own flowering booster and/or stimulator.

  9. Growing your own Food

    Growing your own Food

  10. How to Start Growing from Cuttings

    In our blog article, “Seeds or cuttings? Which is best?”?we discussed the pros and cons of each of the 2 ways of starting to grow to help you decide which way to go. In this article we will be looking at how to grow from cuttings, and the different ways of producing rooted clones which […]