How to Change Nanotube Lamps – a Quick Guide

Changing the lamps inside Dimlux Nanotube fixtures requires a few extra steps when compared to standard versions, though it’s still a quick and easy process. It’s well worth spending an extra few moments on this task when you consider the benefits that are to be had. Nanotube fixtures are capable of running at a whopping 20% overdrive, and you can do this without affecting room temps with active cooling. That means that you can expect results that are approaching 10% better than the regular Dimlux Expert Series 1000w fixture, which was exceptional to start with.

Here’s a quick rundown:

First, you need to remove the two covers that sit either side of the lamp.  Just unscrew the four screws (two on each cover) and undo the latches to flip them off.

Pull the sliders back on both sides of the reflector to unsecure the lamp.

Push the lugs that sit around the Nanotube slightly away from the metal housing on each side of the reflector. This will allow the tube to slide out. You can then pull the lamp and tube out together as a single unit, holding onto the metal ends.

When touching the tube itself or the lamp, make sure that you use a clean cloth. This will avoid adding fingerprints and streaks, which will lower efficiency rates.

You can now swap the lamp out for a fresh one. Note that the vacuum seal (the small raised bit of glass in the middle of the lamp) needs to face away from the reflector and down towards your plants.  The lamp can only be fitted two ways, with the vacuum seal either towards or away from the reflector, so make sure that you get this right. If you look closely at the lamp you’ll also notice something called a ‘getter’. This is a small, square piece of metal that sits at one end of the lamp. Always fit your lamp so the getter is closest to the ballast (and not the far end of the reflector).

Vacuum seal


When you’re happy that the lamp is positioned inside the Nanotube correctly,  you can push it back into the reflector. Again, just be careful not to leave any marks.

Push the sliders back in to secure the lamp in place.

Replace the screws, secure the latches and you’re good to go.

Job done! For more info, check out our 1000w Dimlux Nanotube listing.

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