1. How to Grow Indoors using LEDS

    How to Grow Indoor using LEDS

  2. How have LED Grow Lights got so much better recently?

    A little bit about of history about LEDs 

  3. How to use Powdered Nutrients

    A Guide to Using Pro Powdered Nutrients

    These days, most plant nutrients are bottled liquids. This makes them heavy and bulky for the amount of nutrients that they contain. Being pre-mixed with water also reduces their shelf life.

  4. A Rough Guide to Using CO2

    Once you’ve got everything else in your grow room nailed down, adding extra carbon dioxide (CO2) will push things to the next level. CO2 is essential to the process of photosynthesis, which is the main driver for plant growth. For this reason, supplemental CO2 can really help to pile on weight at harvest time. It’s not uncommon for growers to see gains of up to 20%!

    One of the quickest

  5. Introducing The OCD Range - Get Rid Of Smells In Style

    The OCD range has landed at One Stop! There's a lot of odour control products on the market, but OCD has stood out from the crowd since its launch in late 2019.

    It's time we jumped on the OCD train, so here's some of the reasons why we're so onboard.

  6. Vapour Pressure Deficit - Understanding how Temperature and Humidity affect Plant Growth

  7. Photosynthesis


  8. Know Your Water

    Adjust Your Water for Better Grows

    In this blog, we'll tell you how to push plant growth as far as possible by tailoring your nutrients to the water in your local area.

  9. When is it Time to Upgrade your Extraction

    Is it time for a breath of fresh air?

    In recent years, many new options have arrived on the extraction system market. There are now choices of super-quiet or super-powerful duct fans, quieter and tougher ducting, and some advancements, such as increased bed-depth, in the options available for carbon filters.

  10. Plants and Far-Red Light