1. An Easy Guide to VPD

    How to Use VPD to Increase your Yields

    Many growers believe that the most important things in growing are the light and the nutrients.

    Light and nutrients are very important, but plants can't use either of them properly unless the environment lets them.

  2. How to Grow Indoors using LEDS

    How to Grow Indoor using LEDS

  3. How to Administer Base Nutrients

    This is a quick guide to mixing nutrients in hydroponics. We’re going to explain to you how to mix up some base nutrient, to give you a feel for the process and get you familiar with all of the necessary equipment. We’ll get into additives another time – this is just to get you familiar with the basics.

    When you’re mixing your solution, you’re going to need the following items:

    Nutrients and a feed chart. We’re using Canna Aqua Vega, a two-part veg feed for use with clay pebbles in recirculating systems. You’ll find a copy of the feed chart on our web listing.
    Something to mix nutrients in. This could be your reservoir if you’re running a system, or in our case, a 20 litre bucket
    A pH meter. When we talk about the pH levels in your nutrient solution, we’re referring to how acidic or alkaline it is. pH levels have an impact on how well each nutrient is absorbed. We need to make sure that our nutrient solution ends up in the sweet spot that allows as much up

  4. Negative Air Pressure in your Grow Space

    Keep Odours from Getting Out

    Grow lights produce heat, and plants use up the carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air.

  5. Summer and Pest Problems

    How to Deal with Pests During the Summer

    Unfortunately, pest problems can occur all-year round.

    However, if you begin growing indoors during the winter months, when insects outside are relatively inactive, then you most likely won’t get any problems until the weather warms up.

  6. How to Germinate Seeds

    In this video, we talk you through the process of germinating seeds from scratch.

  7. How to Manage the Humidity in Your Grow Room

    How to Manage the Humidity in Your Grow Room

    Getting your environment correct is the key to successful growing, and humidity is easily one of the biggest factors. Perfect it and you'll see a huge impact on overall plant health. In this blog, we explain why humidity plays such a big role, and showcase the equipment that you need to get it spot-on.

  8. HPS vs LED Grow Lights

    HPS vs LED Grow Lights

    Looking back in time

  9. How to Choose Your Grow System

    How to Choose Your Grow System

    There are a few different systems that you can grow your plants in. For a beginner, we highly

  10. Keeping Your Grow Room Temperatures Down Over Summer

    Make Sure your Grow Over Summer is a Success

    It is that time of year again, and outdoor temperatures are starting to rise.