1. The Return of the Dealer Day - Shogun Fertilisers

    After a long hiatus, Dealer Days are finally back! To celebrate, we had to make the opener a special one, so we'll be joined by the mighty Shogun Fertilisers. Join us on Friday July 30th at our Cannock store and on Saturday 31st in Stoke. If you haven't experienced a Dealer Day before, it's a chance to meet the people behind your favourite products and ask the questions you've always wanted to ask. More often than not, there are free goodies, special offers and even a bit of free food! Come and celebrate with us - we look forward to seeing you!

  2. New Arrival - BioBizz Microbes

    Finally, the missing piece of the puzzle! BioBizz's products cover every other of area organic growing, with base nutrients, various additives and an array of boosters. But we’ve had to hang on until now for a microbial inoculant. Fortunately, it’s been well worth the wait! BioBizz Microbes is formulated with enzymes, beneficial fungi and beneficial bacteria. These microorganisms maximise the effectiveness of the other nutrients in your schedule, pushing your organic garden to the next level. And it’s not just for organic growers – the non-organic growers out there can also experience the benefits, too, as long as they steer clear of sterilising agents like hydrogen peroxide or Silver Bullet.

  3. How to Grow Indoors using LEDS

    How to Grow Indoor using LEDS

  4. How have LED Grow Lights got so much better recently?

    A little bit about of history about LEDs 

  5. Introducing - Plant Success King Crab Microbial Supplement

    Improve Phosphorous and Micronutrient Uptake with Beneficial Microbes

    Phosphorus is a chemical element with many curious properties. It has 2 main forms - white phosphorus and red phosphorus. It is highly reactive and is never found in nature in its elemental state.

  6. Negative Air Pressure in your Grow Space

    Keep Odours from Getting Out

    Grow lights produce heat, and plants use up the carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air.

  7. How to use Powdered Nutrients

    A Guide to Using Pro Powdered Nutrients

    These days, most plant nutrients are bottled liquids. This makes them heavy and bulky for the amount of nutrients that they contain. Being pre-mixed with water also reduces their shelf life.

  8. Summer and Pest Problems

    How to Deal with Pests During the Summer

    Unfortunately, pest problems can occur all-year round.

    However, if you begin growing indoors during the winter months, when insects outside are relatively inactive, then you most likely won’t get any problems until the weather warms up.

  9. How to Germinate Seeds

    In this video, we talk you through the process of germinating seeds from scratch.

  10. A Rough Guide to Using CO2

    Once you’ve got everything else in your grow room nailed down, adding extra carbon dioxide (CO2) will push things to the next level. CO2 is essential to the process of photosynthesis, which is the main driver for plant growth. For this reason, supplemental CO2 can really help to pile on weight at harvest time. It’s not uncommon for growers to see gains of up to 20%!

    One of the quickest