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  • Published on May 2nd, 2017
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As mentioned in our previous post about Bac-Off, we’ve recently been lucky enough to get our hands on some of the brilliant new products from Shield.

They’re slowly taking over the industry, and with a comprehensive range to suit all your growing needs, they’ll be able to sort out all your growing worries.

Can You Tell Me More About Shield?

These products have been developed in conjunction with Senior Chemists and Microbiologists. They have also been tested in accredited laboratories. Shield products are made with a special blend of completely natural, essential oils. It is non-toxic, non-biological, contain no chemicals, and is safe for humans.

They work to protect your plants from bacteria and other harmful factors. This includes powdery mildew, fungal spores, spider mites, mould, white fly, russet mite aphids, and more.

What Products Are Part of the Range?

Bac-OffCleaning product, used to kill off fungus and bacteria; also available in concentrated form

Plant WashPest control product, used to protest against infestations; sprayed directly onto plants

Diffuser LiquidPlant protector, used to fight off spider mites and other infestations; meant to be used in diffuser without needing to be sprayed

Sulphur CreamProtector and pest remover, with effective results; therefore can be used as a preventative method in a vaporiser

Shield Diffuser Stops you from having to worry about spraying plants as it diffuses the product into the air; available in two sizes

Shield Products in Action:

Most people like to see proof with their eyes, so here are some phenomenal photos that show what the true power of Shield products can do!

(A giant cucumber, at the same size as a bottle of Shield Plant Wash)

(White, healthy roots which are what you can expect from using Shield products)

(Giant leeks held by their proud owners, thanks to the magic abilities of Shield Products)

(The Shield Diffuser in action – emitting Bac-Off into the grow area)

(Prize-winning leek, next to its trophy – thanks to Bac-Off)

(Huge plants that are thriving because of the wide range of Shield products!)


Dear Sir,

Just wish to comment on your products – I along with my 10 year old grandson have an allotment where we grow a wide range to vegetables and this last year’s harvest was the best for a while. This was mainly through using the shield products, where the plants were kept free of aphids and fungal infections. It’s brilliant that there isn’t any need to use chemicals or pesticides just nature’s essential oils. Thanking you again,

Gareth Cameron

My name is Rob Hall and I have grown and shown vegetables for over 40 years at both club and national levels. For many years I have struggled against pests and disease, wanting not only to grow exceptional veg but also to be able to eat it safely. At last I can say I have found an answer! Shield have a range of affordable products that really control pests and disease, with the added bonus of being safe to use without the need for protective clothing and masks. Further and best of all we get to eat all those lovely vegetables as well!

Yours sincerely 

Rob Hall

National Pot Leek Society Chairman 

Hello there,

My name’s Paul Rochester I am the current world record holder for the heaviest leek. I have tried shield product, which I received off Harry Johnson with great success! Back off worked well on rust on leeks without having to use nasty chemicals and plant wash worked well on aphids on my Brussel sprouts. 


Paul Rochester

As one of the UK’s biggest commercial chilli seedling growers I try to keep things as natural as possible for my customers. But an outbreak of Pythium within my propagation beds normally only ends in the use of chemicals to get it under control.

When Harry suggested I try the natural Bac-Off formula I was very sceptical at first being as this is a commercial setup. I really did not have time to trial an unknown product . The first application of Bac-Off as a root drench cured the problem and I followed it up with a maintained dose for several months to stop re-contamination. The run off from my propagation beds also feeds my tomato crops which have always been plagued by blight and mildew. Even the most powerful chemicals have proven very ineffective in controlling it.

But to my surprise with the run off containing Bac-Off I was not experiencing any mildew or blight at all! Until i switched back over to just water and then the mildew returned within days. As soon as I noticed I re-dosed the Bac-Off and my crop continued until late November without any signs of blight or mildew.    


Dean Finley

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