Evoponics Elixir Steroids – Add Brassinosteroids to your Grow

Evoponics brings Brassinosteroids to Hydroponics Growers

Evoponic Elixir Steroids

Brassinosteroids are a group of plant hormones that were first looked into about 40 years ago. About 70 or so Brassinosteroids have been discovered. The most common of these is one called Brassinolide.

Brassinosteroids are one of the 6 types of hormones that are produced naturally in plants. The other classes of known plant hormones are as follows: Abscisic Acid, Auxins, Cytokinins, Ethylene and Gibberellins.

Hormones are basically signalling compounds, and this is true in both plants and animals. They basically allow a cell or group of cells to communicate with those around it, or for some hormones, the whole of the rest of the organism. It is well worth noting that Brassinosteroids are the most potent of all the plant hormones and work at even very low concentrations. They also work somewhat synergistically with some of the other hormones (most notably Auxin and Gibberellin) enhancing their effect.

Each group of hormones has it’s own distinct affect on a plants growth behaviour. Here is a very brief summary of what each one does:

Abscisic Acid – This tends to induce dormancy in seeds and buds. It also induces the closing of the stomata when the plant is under water-stress. Plants use this to go into a sort of comatose state so that it can get through those times when the environment is not conducive to growing, such as times of drought or for a seed to remain dormant to get through winter.

Auxins – These tend to induce plant cell enlargement, bud formation and root inception. They also tend to inhibit growth in lower branches, favouring growth in the top stems.

Brassinosteroids – These stimulate cell division and elongation. Apart from generally promoting growth, they have been found to have many other affects on plants too. These include: an increase in the success of fertilisation; a shortening of the period of vegetative growth; an increase in the size and quantity of fruits & flowers; improvements in the nutritive content and quality of fruits & flowers; an increased resistance to unfavourable environmental factors including stress and diseases.

Cytokinins – These tend to work along with Auxins to affect the growth pattern of the plant. Cytokinins assist the transport of Auxins around the plant and thereby affect cell division and the formation of side-shoots. However, The main difference is that it has opposite affect to Auxins on side-shoots. Cytokinins tend to stimulate the formation of side-shoots and their growth.  A plant will usually have a similar Auxin to Cytokinin ratio (except when topped). Hence, the plant will usually have a pre-disposed growth pattern.

Ethylene – This hormone tends to inhibit growth. For example, it is produced when a root hits an obstacle, thereby halting any further growth. It also affects the ripening of fruits.

Gibberellins – These tend to mobilise elements and compounds within the plant that are needed for growth.

So, each group of hormones has a useful role to play in the life of a plant. However, the Brassinosteroids stand out on their own as the ones that really rev the plant growth up, and just make the plant perform better in almost all aspects!

The amount of brassinosteroid that is released by plant cells into the rest of the plant correlates with how good the present growing conditions are. The better the conditions, the more Brassinosteroid is released. When the going is good, the high amount of released brassinosteroid tells the rest of the plant to get growing while the conditions are just right!

Even plants in recovery can do well!

Evoponics Elixir Steroids contains an optimal amount of Brassinosteroids. It was originally developed to aid plants in recovery from stresses such as a pest attack, diseases or water stress.

Evoponics discovered that very often the treated recovering plants caught up with the healthy plants that that had not been treated – and then went on to overtake them! This is when Evoponics realised that this formulation wasn’t just a health tonic. Further testing on healthy plants showed that Elixir Steroids significantly increased both the size and the weight of fruits and flowers.

Making the most of Evoponics Elixir Steroids

Evoponics Elixir Steroids is used at a rate of 1ml/litre and can be used in any grow system and medium. It is important to remember that it contains no NPK so if you are using it as a flowering booster then you will need to continue to use your favourite PK Booster along with it.

A little while ago, we investigated another breakthrough booster, Shogun Sumo Boost, which contains Triacontanol, Betaines, Cytokinins, Amino Acids, Carbohydrates and Vitamins.

We wonder if using Evoponics Elixir Steroids and Shogun Sumo Boost (or Shogun Active Sumo Boost) together might make one heck of a Bloom Stimulator Combo!