Everyone Loves Free Stuff – Here’s Your Chance to Win Some!

Hola, hola, hola fellow growers!

As you may have heard on the grapevine (no pun intended), we’re celebrating our 12th year – that’s right, you heard me – 12TH YEAR in business!


We consider ourselves to be the best at what we do, we always seek to put customer satisfaction first, and we have BIG plans for the near future. So in celebration of that, we’re doing an amazing giveaway competition, where some of you lucky so-and-sos will get the chance to grab some of our phenomenal prizes! Whether you consider yourself an amateur grower, or an experienced hydroponic fanatic, we have prizes that everyone will enjoy! And they’re ALL COMPLETELY FREE!!!

For anyone who’s missed the competition, or is still unclear of what some of the prizes are, let’s break it down a little. Here’s what we have to give away, all kindly donated by various nutrient companies and hydroponic manufacturers:


CANNABOOST Accelerator


Buddhas Tree Nutrients


Moonshine Home Brewing Kit


VitaLink plant additives and nutrients


Gavita Pro 6/750 DE FLEX Lights


CLONEX Rooting Hormone Gel


Bottle of Laurent Perrier

If that’s not enough, we may also have a Segway, a DWC System, some keyrings, lighters and Canna Calendars up for grabs! Don’t believe us? Well here’s a little sneak preview of the calendar:

canna(Tomatoes not included)

“But wait!”, I hear you cry… “Surely there must be some kind of catch – will it take me ages to sign up for this?”….

NOPE, it is literally as easy as this: Pop on our website to the NEWSLETTER PAGE, and enter your email address to sign up to our newsletter and you’re all set! The moment you sign up you’re automatically entered into our competition draw! And on top of that, you’ll get our newsletter to keep you updated on all new products as and when they come in!

So don’t wait a moment longer – I can see you eyeing up that CannaBoost! Jump on our site and avoid disappointment!

Best of luck, and happy growing!