Essential Hydroponics Stocking Fillers 2019

  • Published on December 10th, 2019
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Fill that hydro toolbox for Christmas

It’s that time of year again when everybody is scrambling for gifts in our high street stores and it’s utter chaos. Well, we’ve made it easy for you at One Stop to get those perfect fillers for your stockings! We’ve picked out four handy and affordable products that any grower would love to unwrap this Christmas!

Biosys from Ecothrive

Biosys is the perfect stocking filler for those looking to provide their crop with millions of beneficial bacteria! These little creatures work with your plants to enhance health, growth rates and yields. The best thing is, it’s affordable and easy to use:  it’s a microbial tea, so you just add water. They come in a range of sizes making it the perfect hydroponics gift for any grower this Christmas!


The Time-R Digital Timer takes the concept of the plug-in timer and pushes it further by adding in a ton of extra functionality. You can program ‘on’ and ‘off’ times down to the second, in pretty much any conceivable pattern. This means that you can use it with an array of equipment, like water pumps and CO2 regulators.


Controlling your environment is key to getting amazing yields, but sometimes it’s hard to find out what’s going wrong with your setup. The AirComfort – Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensor allows you to wirelessly monitor and record your grow room’s conditions through its companion app, allowing you to check whether things  are running sweetly while you’re on the move. This is definitely one for those tech lovers out there who’re looking to up their game when it’s comes to their environment.

Neutralise from Ecothrive

Conditioning your water with Ecothrive’s Neutralise will maximise the potency of beneficial microbe additives. Tap water contains compounds that destroy microorganisms, which is great for preventing the spread of diseases, but not so great for your plants… Neutralise solves this issue instantly – just add a drop’s worth for each litre of feed and you will ensure that the effects of chlorine and chloramine are completely nullified. Ecothrive Neutralise is the perfect gift for any grower this Christmas.

Neutralise, the perfect gift to put in your Christmas Cracker.

ONA Plug-In Air Freshener

Freshen up your car with an ONA Plug-In Air Freshener. ONA are renowned for their amazing fragrances and their ability to remove unwanted smells, so this handy little version will keep your car smelling amazing for weeks. The liquids also come in three fragrances, Tropics, Linen and Polar Crystal.

Ozone Direct –  Plug-In Ozone

Unlike most ozone generators, the Ozone Direct – Plug-in Ozone Generator can be used both inside and outside the grow-space. This allows you to control odours while neutralising pathogenic mould and bacteria at the same time, reducing the likelihood of encountering issues like powdery mildew. The Plug-in Ozone Generator will keep the air fresh and clean in a small to medium sized spaces, and it’s also ideal if you need to get rid of smells in a hurry.

Integra Boost Curing Packs

Looking for a perfectly cured end product every time? Look no further than the Integra Boost Curing Packs – 2-Way Humidity Regulators. Put one of these pouches in your curing jar with your herbs and they’ll create the perfect conditions to maintain completely consistent humidity levels within optimal curing ranges. For such a simple product, they’re incredible. Don’t get a stocking full of coal for Christmas, get perfectly cured herbs instead!

So, there’s our essential stocking fillers for 2019! Make sure you order before 3PM on the 20th to make sure they’re in your stocking Christmas Morning! For more information regarding delivery times over Christmas, click here 

Merry Christmas from everybody at One Stop! 

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