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Shogun Fertilisers – Brand New and Cutting-edge!

New nutrient lines may come and new nutrient lines may go, most of them bringing nothing new to the wonderful art of growing in hydroponics. The arrival of a new one could easily go unnoticed, if it weren’t for the fact that this new collection of feed and boosters is so obviously different. Shogun fertilisers ...

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Fan Controllers – Why are there different types?

As it was mentioned a few weeks ago, it is important to have an effective extraction system in your grow room in order to keep temperatures in the right region and to replenish the CO2 in the air around your plants. Adding a fan speed controller to your extraction system provides the user with the ...

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Summer and the scourge of Pythium!

As we enter the warmer months of summer, you may find that some hydroponics growers begin to get a bit of an anxious look on their faces with just a mention of the word “pythium”. Now, while the summer brings lots of long, bright days which are ideal for the fast growing of plants, there ...

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