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Bio Green Thermo 2 Digital Thermostat

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  • Automatically switches heating and cooling equipment on when needed
  • Maintains optimal grow-room temperatures
  • Capable of handling up to 3000 watts of power
  • Makes heating your growroom more economical and cost effective - only runs when needed
  • Can be used with a multi-socket adapter to run multiple tube heaters

Regulate Heaters to Maintain Optimal Temperatures

The Bio Green Thermo 2 digital thermostat is ideal for controlling temperature levels in your grow room. Just plug your heating or cooling equipment into the Thermo 2's socket and it will get powered up whenever temperatures deviate from your chosen setting.

How the Thermo 2 Works

The Thermo 2 switches heating equipment on and off as required, in order to keep temperatures at your chosen setting or above. Environmental conditions play a huge role in deciding the success or failure of your grow. Typical indoor grown plants flourish at around 25 degrees during light periods and around 18 degrees during dark periods. If conditions deviate too widely from these sweet spots, then growth rates will slow down and plants will start to show signs of stress, opening the door up to further issues with pathogens and pests.

The Thermo 2 is capable of switching on both heating and cooling equipment, helping you to maintain conditions that facilitate optimal plant growth, and giving you peace of mind while you're away from your grow room.


18cm x 9cm x 6cm

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1 x Thermo 2 unit with power cable and temperature probe

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How to Use the Thermo 2

Plug the Thermo 2 into a wall socket and plug your heating or cooling equipment into the Thermo 2. Position the probe within the plant canopy, away from direct light (which can affect readings). Set your ideal room temperature using the up and down buttons and make sure that the unit is set to the correct mode by holding the C/H button for 4 seconds.

Consult the instruction manual for information on the LED readout. In short the red LED on the left tells you that 'heat' mode is selected, the green LED on the right tells you that 'cool' mode is selected, and the yellow LED in the middle tells you whether your ideal temperature has been reached or not.

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