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Bio Green 2kw Palma Blow Heater

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  • High-quality - built to extremely high specifications
  • Helps to maintain an optimal environment during cooler periods
  • Highly efficient - heats the space quickly and effectively
  • Utilises a 156 m³/hr fan, allowing it to cover spaces of up to 12m²
  • Adjustable settings - fine-tune the output to suit your space
  • Doesn't glow up, like cheaper versions, so it won't disturb light cycles
  • Teams up nicely with the Thermo 2 digital thermostat
  • Available with or without thermostat unit
  • Built to a high spec, with a sturdy and robust construction
  • Two years manufacturer's warranty for complete peace of mind
  • An IPX4 rated product - certified as spray-proof from all directions

The High-Quality Heater that Raises Temperatures in Double-Quick Time


The Palma Heater increases the temperature of your grow space quickly and effectively. Unlike the cheaper versions out there, the heating element doesn't glow when in use, so it won't disturb your plants' day and night cycles. Running at 2000 watts, and with an adjustable output, it's ideal for any grow-space up to 12m² in size.

How the Palma Heater Works

Environmental conditions play a huge role in deciding the success or failure of your grow. Typical indoor grown plants flourish at around 25 degrees during light periods and around 18 degrees during dark periods. If conditions deviate too widely from these sweet spots, then growth rates will slow down and plants will start to show signs of stress, opening the door up to further issues with pathogens and pests.

The basic concept is very simple: inside the Palma Heater is a heating element and a fan. As the element generates heat, the fan pushes it out into the room, allowing it to raise the temperature in the surrounding area more quickly than other heating solutions. There are two settings: heating mode and fan only mode, which comes in useful if you're looking to generate some extra air circulation during warmer periods.

The Palma Heater really comes into its own when it's teamed up with the Thermo 2 digital thermostat. The thermostat automates temperature control, protecting against temperature drops while you're away.


23cm x 28cm x 28cm

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1 x Bio Green Palma 2kw Heater with 3m power cable. Available with or without thermostat unit

How to Use the Palma Heater

Using the Palma Heater is as simple as it gets. All you need to do is plug it in and choose your setting. Just make sure that you position it in a safe area away from potential hazards.

Running this heater with the Thermo 2 thermostat is also very simple. Plug the Thermo 2 into a wall socket and plug the Palma Heater into the Thermo 2. Position the probe within the plant canopy, away from direct light (which can affect readings). Set your ideal room temperature using the up and down buttons and make sure that the unit is set to 'heat' mode (and not 'cool' mode) using the C/H button in the top right corner.


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