Bendz - Pack Of 50

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  • Bendz - one of the easiest ways to train and shape small to medium size plants
  • Easy to use - simply clip over a stem or side-shoot to get it to grow in the direction of your choice
  • Early training gets your plants into the right shape from the start
  • Very economical - 50 in a pack and they're re-useable!
  • Helps you to make the most of your grow-space and light
  • Re-useable many times

Bendz - Pack of 50

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Bendz are a great way to train and shape the stems and side-shoots on small to medium size plants. Simply clip them over a stem or side-shoot to bend them in the direction you want them to grow! Great!



How Bendz Work

Bendz are a small plastic right-angle channel into which you can clip a stem or side-shoot of a plant. Bendz have small clips around the edge which keep it held onto the stem so that over a period of a few days, the side-shoot will begin to grow in the direction you have chosen. You can keep adding bendz to the plant as it grows to train it into the shape that you want - right from the start. Early training will save a lot of the trouble of trying to train a plant once it has become large. A well-shaped plant will always yield more than one that has been allowed to go wild. Use bendz early in the plant's life and save yourself a lot of time and trouble later on! 

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1 x Pack of 50 Bendz

How to Use Bendz

Choose a stem or side-shoot that you wish to train in a different direction to that which it would normally grow. Bendz can be used on stems and side-shoots between about 2mm to 5mm in diameter. Carefully and gently bend the shoot and clip it into the side of the bendz. The bendz will force the shoot out in the direction you have chosen. Sooner or later the shoot will begin growing upwards again so add more bendz as it grows to get it into your chosen shape.

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