Battery - 1.5V Button Cell - For Use With pH Testers

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  • Excellent life-span
  • Maintains equipment accuracy
  • An essential item for pH testing equipment
  • Equivalent Battery type: 357, 357x, V357, G13, SG13, SR44, SR44W, SR44SW

Battery - 1.5V Button Cell - For Use With pH Testers

Accurate pH readings are essential to the indoor grower. In order to properly maintain the accuracy of any testing equipment, it is advisable to replace batteries regularly. The 1.5v button cell is a like-for-like replacement for the batteries used in most pH testers.

How the 1.5V Button Cell Works:

The 1.5v battery is the perfect replacement for the batteries in most pH testing equipment. Keeping spare batteries for testing equipment is always advisable, so that you can have a set to hand should you ever need them. It's also a good idea to replace batteries before they run out completely in order to maintain the accuracy of your equipment.

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1 x 1.5v battery

Using the 1.5V Button Cell:

Instructions on how to install this battery for use with testing equipment will vary depending on the pH / EC reader it is to be used with. Note that many pH readers will require more than one replacement battery, with four being the most common number. Usually, fitting new batteries is simply a case of removing a plastic cover and replacing the batteries so that they match the + /- markings in the battery housing.

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