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Automated RO Humidifier Kit - SonicAir Pro

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  • Maintains optimal humidity / VPD levels
  • A fully automated system - takes care of itself once you've set it up
  • Comes with the excellent SonicAir Pro from GAS
  • Adds a huge 6.5 litres of moisture to the air per hour
  • Won't leave mineral deposits on equipment, which can damage reflectors and reduce growth rates
  • Keeps stomata open, increasing rates of photosynthesis
  • Options available with or without hygrostat (if you already have a suitable controller, you won't need one)
  • Header tank gets automatically topped up with RO water
  • Humidifer comes with an internal float valve, allowing it to draw from the tank when needed

Fully Automated Filtering and Humidifcation

If your room is too dry for your plants' stage of growth, you'll need to get more moisture into the air as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, regular tap water can be highly destructive, depositing salty minerals over your precious equipment  - just take a look at the images below... The RO Humidifier Kits solve this problem by filtering your water prior to use, and the whole process is fully automated, saving you time and effort! The humidifier runs from a tank that automatically fills up when needed, giving you complete peace of mind while you're away from your grow room. Great for getting your environment dialled in.​

How the Automated RO Humidifier Kit Works

There are three main components: an RO unit, a water butt and a humidifier. The RO unit connects to a tap, and it keeps the reservoir filled using a float valve system. When the waterline in the tank drops, the float valve that sits at the top of the tank drops with it, which triggers the RO unit to allow more water through. Your tank is then connected to an HR-15 humidifier, which is capable of releasing 1.5 litres of water into the atmosphere per hour, covering an area of up 30m2. The HR-15 has its own float valve system that draws water from the tank only when needed.

You can choose options with or without an Intelligent Humidity Controller, which is capable of regulating the SonicAir Pro automatically.

Why Not Just Use Regular Tap Water?

The image below is of a reflector that was used in a room with a humidifer. Unfortunately, that humidifier was filled with regular tapwater! Mineral deposits from the tapwater have corroded the reflectors metal, rendering it useless. This is quite an extreme case, as you can see the damage with the naked eye, but even if your reflector appears to be fine, you'll still be losing vital reflectivity if you don't filter your water first. Lower reflectivity means less light, and less light means smaller crops. Don't make this mistake!

Rusty Dimlux Reflector

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1 x SonicAir Pro Humidifier

1 x VPD Controller (when you choose the relevant kit)

1 x Slimline Water Butt 100 litre

1 x Water Butt Stand

1 x Growmax Powergrow 500 - 500 litre / day RO (connects to a tap / water supply and sends filtered water to the tank)

1 x Gromax Float Valve Kit (fits on the tank and controls the flow of water from the RO)

1 x Quick Connection Kit for HR-15 and HR-50 (connects the tank's tap to the SonicAir Pro)


How to Use the Automated RO Kit

Connect the Growmax's inlet point to a tap using the 3/8 inch white tubing and the relevant tap adapter (supplied). Then connect up the Growmax's waste water line using the 1/4 inch black pipe. You'll need to run this to a drain. The 1/4 inch blue pipe is for purified water. This pipe needs to be fed into your solid tank via the float valve. Fit the float valve into your tank so that the float sits at the waterline when it's fully raised. You'll need to a drill a small hole in the tank for this. You can then push the pipe into the float valve. Whenever the float drops, it will trigger the RO unit to allow in more water.

You now have a way to keep your tank automatically filled with RO water, but you'll need to get that water from the tap at the bottom of the tank to the humidifier. This is where the HR-15 Quick Connection Kit comes in: fit the green pipe to the tap and use the clickfit connector to connect to the SonicAir Pro.


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