Atami Rootfast 5 litre

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  • Use early on in the veg stages to promote root growth and development
  • Give your crop the perfect start
  • Delivers bigger and better roots
  • Concentrated formula - used at 1ml per litre

Promotes Rapid Root Growth and Development Early On

Stronger roots make for stronger plants. Boosting root growth early on helps to lay the foundations for better results later on. Unlike many other other root stimulators, Atami Rootfast comes with a good dose of phosphorus. Without adequate quantities of Phosphorus, plant growth slows down. The plant becomes weak and susceptible to pests and diseases.

When using Rootfast, you'll notice that roots fill up the entire container, making full use of the substrate. With a strong and healthy root system, your plants will make better use of any other nutrients that you feed them, giving you better performance and better value.

Atami ATA Rootfast boosts root growth for an array of plants including: fruits, vegetables, herbs, like potatoes and sweet potatoes, and ornamentals. The dosage can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual plant.


1 x 5 litre bottle of Atami Rootfast

Add Root Fast to your feeding regimen at a rate of 1ml per litre once your cuttings have started to develop roots.

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