600w Maxibright CMH (CDM) Agro 3k

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  • A great entry point into CDM lighting - just replace your old HPS lamp with this one
  • Compatible with old-school, magnetic HPS ballasts (but not digitals)
  • A highly cost-effective solution
  • Fits typical reflectors (with E40 socket)
  • Tuned for flowering, but delivers amazing results in both veg and flower
  • Produces full-spectrum light that mimics natural sunlight
  • Great as a standalone light or as supplementary lighting

Runs from a Regular Magnetic HPS Ballast

Maxibright's 600w CDM lamp is the first lamp of its kind that doesn't require a specialised ballast.This means that you can take advantage of CDM lighting without having to upgrade your other hardware!

How Maxibright 600w CDMs Work

These lamps represent the easiest way to upgrade to CDM lighting. If you're already running an HPS system with a magnetic ballast, then all you need to do is unscrew your old lamp and screw in this one - that's it! You'll then have access to all of the benefits of ceramic discharge metal halide lighting. These lamps generate much broader spectrums than typical HPS lights, which improves the quality of the end-product while keeping height levels down and using the grow space more efficiently. CDMs make excellent standalone lights, but they're also great as supplementary lights in HPS set-ups.

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1 x 600w Maxibright CMH (CDM) Agro 3k (flowering)

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How to Use Maxibright 600w CDMs

Check out the One Stop Blog to find out how to correctly fit a single-ended lamp.

Do not use these lamps with digital ballasts - only magnetic.

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