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315 Watt Clay Hydro Grow Kit

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BudBox Lite with Maxibright Focus Connect
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BudBox Pro with Maxibright Focus Connect
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  • Everything you need for great results growing hydroponically
  • Our Grow-Kits are expertly created and use only high-quality grow gear!
  • Contains quality branded items including: BudBox Pro Grow Tent, Systemair RVK Duct Fan, Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter, LUMii Solar 315w CDM Fixture and LUMii Pro Lamp or Maxibright Focus Connect Fixture and Philips Lamp, Wilma Dripper System, Gold Label Hydro Clay and Shogun Samurai Grow and Bloom nutrients
  • Don't be fooled by cheap kits on the internet that don't contain everything you need and include poor quality carbon filters which, wear out quickly, costing you more money in the long-run
  • Save money and time over buying the items individually, with everything in one place
  • All the essential items you need to start growing (except water and plants!), with all parts carefully matched to work perfectly together

Grow the Best Quality Product and Experience the Benefits of Full Spectrum Lighting with our 315 Watt CDM Clay Hydro Kit

When it comes to growing the best quality end-product, nothing quite compares to CDM (ceramic metal halide) lighting! It produces a superior lighting spectrum that plants just love - like having sunshine indoors. CDM grow lights generate a greater level of useable plant light (photosynthetically active radiation), running with a blinding intensity that's immediately apparent to the naked eye. Come harvest time, you'll wonder how you grew without one.

The 315 Watt CDM Clay-Hydro Grow Kit has been expertly created by the team at One Stop Grow Shop and includes just about everything (except water and plants) to get you growing hydroponically. All the major parts of this kit have been chosen to match each other perfectly - giving you all the tools required to grow impressive yields, whilst maintaining the highest quality.

Recommended Additional Purchases

Propagation Kit - to prepare young plants and seeds

Budget pH and EC Testing Kit - everything you need to maintain nutrients at the correct strength level and pH

Variispeed Manual Fan Speed Controller - to alter fan speeds

About the 315 Watt CDM Clay Hydro Grow Kit

Our 315-Watt CDM Clay Hydro Kit includes everything you need to get up and running growing hydroponically. There's a BudBox Pro 1.0m square tent, a LUMii 315-Watt CDM light and LUMii 930 Full Spectrum Lamp, a 4" Systemair RVK Extraction Fan & Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter with Aluminium Ducting, Wilma V2 Hydroponic Dripper System, Gold Label Clay Pebbles and Shogun Samurai Grow and Bloom nutrient.

We'd recommend investing in some pH and EC testing equipment to make sure that your nutrients are on point. If you‘re starting from scratch and you don't have a source of younger plants handy, then you'll also need to look at propagation equipment. Our complete propagation kits make growing seedlings or young plants easy and provide everything you need to get going and growing. Included in your 315 Watt CDM Clay-Hydro Grow Kit is the Systemair 100mm Extraction Fan. This fan is well matched to your grow tent however, if you want to control the speed of your fan then we recommend using the Variispeed Manual Fan Speed Controller.

How to Use the 315 Watt CDM Clay Hydro Grow Kit

Check out the One Stop Blog for information on how to set up your grow tent, a guide to installing grow room extraction, and a rundown on how to set up your grow light

To see our full Complete 315 Watt CDM Grow Kits range, click here

1 x BudBox Pro - 1.0m x 1.0m x 2.0m or BudBox Lite - 1.0m x 1.0m x 2.0m

1 x LUMii Solar 315 Watt CDM Fixture or Maxibright Focus Connect 315 Watt CDM Fixture

1 x LUMii Pro 930 Lamp or Philips 930 Agro Full Spectrum CDM Lamp

1 x Easy Rolls & Hooks Set (Pair)

1 x LUMii Heavy-Duty 24Hr Analogue Segmental Time Switch (for timed light switching)

1 x LUMii Standard 24Hr Analogue Segmental Time Switch (for timed waterings/feeds)

1 x Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter 4" (100mm) x 12" (300mm)

1 x Systemair RVK 100mm In-line Duct Fan

1 x 5 metre length of 100mm Flexi-Ducting Aluminium

3 x Duct Clips 60-170mm

1 x 2 metre length of Jack Chain 2.5mm Width

1 x 2 Metre Mains Lead (3-Core Black) With Moulded 5 Amp Plug & Stripped Ends

1 x Agrolab Digital Hygrometer / Thermometer

1 x Wilma V2 4 x 11 Litre Pot Hydroponic Dripper System

1 x 45 Litre of Gold Label Hydro Clay Pebbles

1 x Shogun Samurai Hydro Grow Nutrient A&B 1 Litre (Hard Water)

1 x Shogun Samurai Hydro Bloom Nutrient A&B 1 Litre (Hard Water)

1 x 10ml Syringe with 0.5ml Graduations

BudBox Pro or BudBox Lite: What's the Difference?

BudBox Lite tents are a cost-effective, solid and dependable solution that gets the job done! They come with a fully lightproof canvas, a strong framework, ventilation panels, side doors and socks for all of your equipment. They're perfect for anybody on a tight budget who needs to get up and running.

BudBox Pro tents are superior to Lite tents in every respect. Their interiors are more reflective, squeezing every last bit of efficiency from your lighting equipment. The framework is stronger, with thicker poles and metal, click-fit corner pieces, so you can support even more weight than the BudBox Lite! You also get a clear green viewing window for checking plants during dark periods without disturbing them and causing stress. We recommend investing in a Pro tent wherever possible.

LUMii Solar or Maxibright Focus Connect: Which One to Choose?

The LUMii Solar and Maxibright Focus Connect grow lights offer superb, full spectrum illumination of your grow tent however, each one has its own unique features. The LUMii Solar reflector focuses more light down towards the canopy, with less being spread to the corners. The Maxibright Focus Connect spreads light out further towards the corners, creating a larger lighting foot print. The LUMii 930 Pro Lamp is one of the most cost-effective CDM lamps available, with a spectrum very similar to the Philips 930 Agro CDM Lamp and produces a great spread of plant useable light for both veg and flower. The Philips are tried and trusted grow light specialist, with countless years of horticultural experience, their lamp contains higher amounts of blue light and  far red light for extra quality.

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