12-Inch (315mm) Air Circulator - Metal Floor Stand Fan

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  • Keeps the air moving in your grow-room
  • Strong metal construction
  • 3 speed control
  • Fan can be tilted up or down through a full 360 degrees
  • Fan-blades designed for lots of air movement with minimal noise
  • Only 55 Watts power consumption
  • Use straight out of the box - no assembly required

12-Inch (315mm) Air Circulator - Metal Floor Stand Fan

A fan in your grow-room is important so that your plants get air moving around them, refreshing the CO2 and helping to keep them cool. This 12-Inch diameter metal floor stand fan has 3 speed settings and can be rotated vertically through 360 degrees. Great value-for-money.


How the 12-Inch Metal Floor Stand Fan Works

Plants "breathe" in carbon dioxide through small pores in their leaves called stomata. Plants like a little air movement because it refreshes the air around them, giving them more carbon dioxide to breathe. In addition to this, a little air movement helps to keep your plants cool during the summer months and when they are sitting underneath hot lamps. The 12-Inch (315mm) metal floor stand fan is a great way to keep the air moving in a medium size grow-room. This fan has 3 speed settings, and can be tilted through a full 360 degrees. The fan blades are designed for lots of air movement and minimal noise while the surrounding guard mesh is tough and prevents objects accidentaly touching the spinning blades. A great value-for-money item.


Power Consumption: 55 Watts

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1 x 12-Inch (315mm) Air Circulator - Metal Floor Stand Fan

How to Use the12-Inch Metal Floor Stand Fan

The 12-Inch (315mm) metal floor stand fan can be used straight out of the box and requires no assembly. We usually recommend facing the fan towards a wall or the ceiling, so that the air-current "bounces" off the wall to create the air movement in the room, rather than facing it directly at your plants. Plug the fan in and switch it on by depressing one of the 3 speed-switch settings. The fan can be turned off by pressing the off button.

Never connect an air circulation fan to a fan speed controller. Only use the fans own speed switches to control the fan speed. If an air circulation fan is connected to a fan speed controller designed for in-line duct fans then it will burn out and possibly start a fire.

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