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1000 Watt Hand-Fed Soil Grow Kit

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  • Comprehensive and high-quality gear!
  • Just some of the quality branded items included are: BudBox Grow Tent, Systemair RVK Duct Fan, Rhino Filter, Omega X-Pro or Dimlux HPS lighting system, Air Pruner pouches with matched saucers and Oldtimer plant nutrients!
  • Don't be fooled by cheap kits on the internet that don't contain everything you need and include poor quality carbon filters etc. which wear out quickly, costing you money in the long-run
  • Money-saving deal over buying the items individually
  • All the essential items you need to start growing (except water and plants!)
  • All the parts are carefully matched to work perfectly together

​Push Your Yields to the Next Level with a 1000w Grow Kit

Our 1000 Watt Hand-Fed Soil Grow Kits have been carefully put together by the team at the One Stop Grow Shop and include just about everything (except water and plants) to get you growing organically in soil. The components of this kit have been chosen to match each other perfectly - they'll get you up and running in style!

About Our 1000 Watt Soil Grow Kits - What's the Difference?

Choose the Omega X-Pro kit or upgrade to a Dimlux set-up. Both provide you with pretty much everything you need to get up and running. The Omega is a great budget option that will deliver huge yields for an exceptional price, while the Dimlux Expert Series fixture represents the pinnacle of 1000w lighting. Add a Maxi Controller and you can take advantage of an array of features, like sunrise / sunset mode and auto-dimming. Choosing the Dimlux kit also upgrades some key components: the BudBox grow tent is upgraded from a Lite to a Pro with a 2.2 metre height, and the Easy Rolls are upgraded to Rope Ratchets, which can support even more weight. The carbon filter is upgraded from a Rhino Hobby to a Rhino Pro, giving you greater longevity; and last but definitely not least, the included RVK is upgraded from an A1 to a higher output L1, producing a greater level of airflow.

Both kits come with everything you need to start growing organically in soil. To speed up growth rates, we've included Air Pruner fabric pots that work to create a highly oxygenated, radially structured root system. These are teamed up with matching saucers and Plant Magic's exceptional Oldtimer Grow and Bloom nutrients, which are One Stop customer favourites - simple and effective, and proven to produce the goods.

BudBox Pro or BudBox Lite?

BudBox Lite tents are a cost-effective, solid and dependable solution that gets the job done! They come with a fully lightproof canvas, a strong framework, ventilation panels, side doors and socks for all of your equipment. They're perfect for anybody on a tight budget who needs to get up and running.

BudBox Pro tents are superior to Lite tents in every respect. Their interiors are more reflective, squeezing every last bit of efficiency from your lighting equipment. The framework is stronger, with thicker poles and metal, click-fit corner pieces, so you can support even more weight than the BudBox Lite! You also get a clear green viewing window for checking plants during dark periods without disturbing them and causing stress. We recommend investing in a Pro tent wherever possible.

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How to Use the 1000 Watt Soil Grow Kit

Check out the One Stop Blog for information on how to set up your grow tent, a guide to installing grow room extraction, and a rundown on how to set up your grow light.

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