LED Grow Lights


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LED offers incredible full spectrum light alongside producing drastically less heat in comparison to HPS lighting. The latest generation of LED grow lights have really come of age and are becoming a true contender for HPS. We offer only the best LED grow lights on the market, whether you are looking for supplementary light or standalone LED grow lights that perform we’re your one stop shop.  

Spectrum King LED Grow Lights

At last - the latest LED Grow Lights have genuinely overtaken traditional HPS Grow Lights! Spectrum King employ the most powerful and efficient white LEDs that really do produce yields that are bigger than those possible with the same amount of watts of HPS light. These beauties run a lot cooler too, and because they produce white light, your plants will be happier and healthier, producing even better quality crops! Spectrum King LED Grow Lights are fast becoming known as the best there are. Jump in and experience Full Spectrum growing for yourself!