Silver Bullet Mist

Silver Bullet Mist


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Prepare to be mist-ified!

Silver Bullet Mist

When it comes to maintaining a sterile, disease-free environment for your grow room, nothing quite compares to Silver Bullet. This silver stabilised disinfectant works effectively to remove biofilm and keep your grow space as clean as possible. This provides an environment where your plants can thrive and stay healthy, especially through warm weather!

  • Kills 99.99% mould, root disease, bacteria, and biofilm
  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive, so won’t damage your plants
  • Produces a fine mist, without using excess product
  • Can be used during different stages of your grow
  • Cost effective as only a low dosage required
  • Used to clean drinking water in certain countries
  • Helps prevent spread of microbes and their spores
  • EPA and FDA approved

Silver Bullet Mist Contains:

Silver Bullet Mist is available in two sizes –

1 x 500mls Silver Mist

1 x 5L Silver Mist


How Silver Bullet Mist Works:

Silver Bullet uses super effective chemical reactions to successfully remove biofilm and keep your environment sterile. This pH neutral product will solve all your problems with disease ridden, damp or dirty grow rooms. It uses a combination of hydrogen peroxide and silver to break down protective barriers and kill off a variety of bacteria, fungus, powdery mildew, and pythium.

The silver element of the product is incredibly important, and is what makes it so unique. The silver ions in the product begin by seeking out negative charges of the bacteria surrounding your plant. Once attached to the bacteria, they start to catalyse and break down the bacteria’s protective barriers. Once the bacteria is exposed, the hydrogen peroxide destroys it and then dissolves it into water and oxygen. The bacteria has lost its negative charge and so the silver moves on to its next target. As it moves on, the silver re-stabilises other hydrogen peroxide molecules.

It works to remove disease, thus leading to healthier and stronger growth. It uses less concentrated doses than other hydrogen peroxide brands too, which makes it incredibly cost effective as you don’t have to constantly top up. It comes in a simple to use, lightweight spray bottle, with a 5L bottle available for topping up. 

Using Silver Bullet Mist:

Make sure to use protective gear, such as eye goggles, face protection and gloves when handling this substance. If product is accidently inhaled, move to fresh air space, and if respiratory problems occur, consult a medical professional immediately. If product makes contact with eyes or skin, rinse out with water carefully and consult a doctor if feeling unwell.

As Silver Bullet Mist already comes pre-mixed in a handy spray bottle, there is no dilution or mixing involved. It is ready to use, and only needs to be directly applied to surfaces at approx. a 30cm distance. For stubborn mould and fungi, directly spray onto surface and allow to penetrate for 5-10 minutes before wiping down gently with a cloth. 

Silver Bullet Hydro is not to be used with organics - only to be used with mineral feeds