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BudBox Tents

budbox grow tents one stop grow shopBudBox Grow Tents

BudBox make probably the best grow tents available and they're great value for money! BudBox grow tents are absolutely top notch quality and unlike the cheap alternatives out there, they will last for many years. The grow tents in the BudBox range go all the way from small propagation tents all the way up to the large Titan range. The BudBox Titan grow tents are for serious growers with plenty of space. The very popular BudBox V2 Titan 1 is no exception, being 2 metres by 2 metres in size!

BudBox Grow Rooms

Every BudBox grow room has been individually designed from concept through to manufacture. Every part has been progressively improved and finally perfected to our high specifications, which are not found anywhere else. A case in point being the 100% virgin plastic corner pieces which are virtually indestructible! With thick fabric, excellent stitching, double-cuffed vents and zipper cover-flaps, BudBox grow tents are pretty much totally light-proof. Giving you lots of great features, the BudBox V2 grow tents make setting up a great grow environment really quick and easy!

BudBox have recently updated the V2 products listed here, to the new feature-packed BudBox Pro (V3) range. The BudBox V2 tents here still represent excellent value-for-money, but only while stocks last - once they're gone, they're gone!

BudBox Tents - Quality materials

To produce the best grow room you have to use the best materials.

BudBox Tents FabricBudBox Fabric

With over eight years of manufacturing experience behind BudBox Tents, we know, that in order to produce the optimum growing-room environment, only the very best raw materials should be used in its construction.

BudBox pro white and silver materials are lightproof. When you turn out the lights and let you eyes adjust to the darkness you wont see an orange glow coming from our material. Every batch of material is made to BudBox own formula and its rigorously tested before its used in production, ensuring you the darkest, highest quality growing experience on the market.

BudBox Tents Poles

BudBox Pole Sets

Pure white, luxurious, mat finished powder coated, tubular "push-together" frame poles, colour coded for ease of erection, along with high tensile super-strength moulded plastic corner joints will ensure that your BudBox growroom remains sturdy and reflective at all times.

Flame retardant, heavy duty, multi layer, light proof covers, in Mylar (silver) or pro matt white, featuring high strength zips and super strength stitching will ensure long term, trouble free use.

A truly waterproof catchment tray ensures the environment around the grow-room stays dry and catches any spills.

BudBox Tents - Joints

BudBox Manufacturing

All ventilation, cable ports and zips are lightproof baffled to prevent unwanted light leaking in or out.

All products used in the manufacturing of the Budbox, Titan & Link grow-room range are guaranteed non-toxic and are not subject to any noxious & potentially hazardous off-gassing.

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