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IWS (Intelligent Watering Systems) are the Rolls Royce of Hydroponic Systems. All the systems are made up of modular components making these systems highly configurable and expandable.

IWS have developed their systems over a number of years, tweaking and refining them to make them the number one hydroponic grower's choice.

An IWS system comes as Flood and Drain or DWC, the choice is yours! The way the systems are designed allows the grower the flexibility to lay out their garden space in any way that they choose. All the parts can be purchased separately so you can add extra pots as and when you want, and broken parts can be replaced easily and cheaply.

One Stop Grow Shop specialise not only in ready made systems but we're also experts in designing a bespoke system especially for you, tailored to your exact requirements and available garden space.

Almost any nutrient brand can be used with an IWS system. In fact, these systems will help optimise any nutrient brand's potential. If you want maximum yields from a user-friendly hydroponic system, it well worth investing in an IWS System!

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