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Flood & Drain Systems

Flood & Drain Hydroponic Grow Systems

Flood & Drain Hydroponic grow systems (sometimes called Ebb & Flow, or Ebb and Flood) are an incredibly effective way of growing plants. Nutrient solution is pumped from a reservoir which then fills the plant pot or pots. Then, after a preset time, the pots are drained and the nutrient solution goes back to the reservoir until the next cycle. We stock only the best flood and drain systems you can get from IWS.

IWS Systems

Flood and drain (sometimes known as Ebb and Flow) is a popular hydroponic approach relating to plants sitting on pots, buckets or planter tables and a nutrient tank. An IWS system of this type will deliver water and nutrients to the rootzone, encouraging quality and fast growth. This method is most effective if you’re planning to grow plants that are medium to large in size. If you want to know more about the benefits of this sort of system give us a call today.

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