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Autopot Systems

Autopot Automatic Watering Systems

Autopots & Autopot Systems

Autopots are a great way to automatically feed your soil or coco grown plants with the absolute minimum of hassle. Looking for a way to keep your plants watered while you go on a few days holiday? Look no further! These systems provide a very economical solution. They're very easy to set up and they're highly effective. Hydroponics has never been so easy! Once set up, the gravity-fed system will keep your plants fed and watered automatically through the very clever Aquavalve. All you have to do is top up / change-out the reservoir from time to time. Simple!

Autopots and Autopot Systems

Autopots were designed to be a highly cost-effective and simple way to keep your plants watered without resorting to using pumps etc. like in a traditional hydroponics system. It is often know as a "Gravity Fed" system which feeds nutrient solution to the bottom of plant-pots. The water is then "sucked up" by the soil in a process known as "Wicking". A reservoir tank of nutrient solution feeds each autopot base via 13mm tubing. The Autopot base contains a very clever control device called an Aquavalve. The Aquavalve allows nutrient solution through the bottom of the pot until there is about a cm or so of water. When that cm or so of water has been wicked up by the soil, the Aquavalve opens again and allows another cm or so of water through to the bottom of the pot.

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