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Full Climate Control

One of the keys to successful indoor gardening is maintaining ideal temperature and humidity levels, so that your plants are always comfortable in their environment, reducing stress levels and optimising the process of photosynthesis. Opticlimate climate control systems ensure that conditions remain ideal at all times, regardless of the weather outside - whether it's a scorching summer or an outrageously cold winter!

The Opticlimate Full Climate control units are simply the best way to achieve the perfect grow environment, no matter what the weather. Even at the very height of the hottest summer, an Opticlimate control unit will maintain the perfect air temperature in your grow space. It will even reduce the humidity if strays too high.

During winter, the Opticlimate will warm the air, as necessary, to ensure your plants' growth doesn't slow or stall due to low temperatures.

Opticlimate control units are a fantastic investment, giving the grower complete peace of mind that their grow is at the perfect temperature and humidity at all times, without the grower having to lift a finger!

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